Slow cooking jam and without additives


My name is Maria. I have the same name as my mother and also as my grandmother.

My grandmother was the one who first passed on her knowledge to my mother taughting her how to cook, how to make bread and how to make jam, and then she did the same with me, her daughter.

The breakfast at home included bread, baked in our wood oven, with the jam from the apricots that we grew. They were so delicious that I still remember their taste.

I have always had an interest in knowing new recipes, new ingredients and new ways to cook, but always having in mind the ones I learnt at home – the home cooking and the traditional cuisine of the ‘Pla de Mallorca’.

Plaer Natural was born from my desire to share with everyone the childhood memories I still have of the different smells and flavours, and how they made me feel.

For this reason and in order to maintain its essence, the jam of Plaer Natural is still made in the same ways as in the ancient times.

The fruit of the jam comes from the land “de call vermell del Pla de Mallorca”, giving the fruit an intense and special flavour. We are committed to local quality product.

There are no intermediaries. It goes from the farmer to the kitchen. Therefore, we only use seasonal fruit, not those coming from greenhouses.

The fruit is freshly picked from the tree at its optimum ripeness. Therefore in the preparation of the jam we don’t need preservatives or artificial colours or pectins that do not come from the fruit itself. Every jam we make contains only fruit pectin, which distinguishes it from any other jams found in the market.

In Plaer Natural we pay special attention to the cooking process, as it is the most important part of the process. Our “slow cooking” technique, using traditional methods, maintains the maximum nutrients. In this way we retain a high percentage in fibre, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

We encourage you to taste our jam, where you will find the aromas and flavours of Mallorcan fruit. Thank you 🙂


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Plaer Natural

Maria Nicolau Nicolau

tel. 661 236 003

C/ Rocaberti 44 · 07250

Vilafranca de Bonany (Mallorca)